[TU Graz]

Thesis and Projects at ITPCP Plasma

Open Thesis Topics

  • Deriving analytical test cases for magnetic field conversions
  • Data visualization of multidimensional Fits
  • Python/Matlab interface for plasma response model on magnetic perturbations
Bachelor and Master
  • Benchmark plasma response model against experimental data
  • Autodifferentiation, application in stellarator optimization, and extensions towards branching codes
  • Nested sampling in inverse problems of magnetic confinement fusion e.g. with https://johannesbuchner.github.io/UltraNest/index.html


  • Extending plasma response model (e.g. for time-dependant problems)
  • Benchmarking kinetic codes against individual particle tracers

Ongoing Theses

  • Alexandra Geishüttner: Confinement and performance scalings in small and large stellarators
  • Alex Egger: Physics consistent numerical integration in real space coordinates
  • Michael Hadwiger: Leveraging gradient information in Bayesian global optimization
  • Lukas Drescher: Finite element simulation and uncertainty quantification for magnetic field coils in fusion reactors
  • Maximilian Mandlez: Automatic detection of transitions between plasma states in perturbed tokamaks
  • Manuel Brandstätter: Numerical identification of complex roots from plasma dispersion equations
  • Daniele Corrias: Optimization of alpha particle losses in stellarators
  • Peter Zauner (at AEE INTEC): Heat transport in solar thermal plants
  • Martin Hasenburger (at Infineon Technologies): FEM simulations of fluid mechanics

Completed Theses

  • Michael Hadwiger (Bachelor, 2021): Visualization of response data from models with high dimensional input spaces
  • Georg Grassler (Bachelor. 2019): Einführung in die nichtlineare Mechanik periodischer,hamiltonscher Systeme
  • Markus Baumgartner-Steinleitner (Master, 2023): Fusion-electric rocket drives
  • Robert Babin (at Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics, 2023): Reconstruction and uncertainty quantification for magnetohydrodynamic equilibria
  • Michael Reichelt (Master, 2023): Advanced finite element methods for perturbed magnetohydrodynamic equilibria
  • Grassler Georg (Master, 2022): Adaptive integration scheme and further extensions for the guiding center orbit tracing code GORILLA


  • Theoretical plasma physics for magnetic confinement fusion
    • Plasma theory and modeling
    • Simulation and validation on experimental data
    • Collaboration with major international labs
  • Programming and data science
    • Bayesian methods in data analysis
    • Matlab and Python in research, teaching, and application (W. Kernbichler)
    • Software engineering and testing of high-performance codes (P. Lainer)
  • Cross-disciplinary topics
    • Theory, simulation, and measurements in classical mechanics, electrodynamics, and acoustics
    • Design and construction of a tabletop stellarator (G. Harrer)
    • Cooperation with engineering faculties and industry